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From B2B or B2C to B2All now H2H ??

sales training new zealand

Baffled by the headline?! A good chunk of business people will be aware of these abbreviations and understand what they mean. All of these abbreviations relate to the exchange of goods between businesses, and between businesses and consumers. Within these titles, each has their own set of sales-tactics used in these transactions. (The way businesses…

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Franchise Training: Are your Franchisees meeting your expectations?

Franchise training

Important considerations for Franchisors Franchise Facts: Bear with me while I make a few obvious statements… Systems-emulation is critical when you’re taking on franchisees. Having a sound infrastructure with well-considered, rigorously tested systems is essential. MOST important however, is the initial training you give your new franchisee/s and their staff. Successful franchises invest time and resources into…

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Sales Fails

sales staff training hamilton field days

Sales training for your staff isn’t just about teaching them how to make a financial transaction or use a till. At its core, it’s about how fundamentally humans think and feel when they’re considering a purchase of any kind – and how they should or shouldn’t be treated during the process. We all have our…

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