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Getting Positive Results From Your Sales Team.

sales game changer programme nz

71 percent of people base their buying decisions on trust and believability. It’s ironic that it’s not always financial reward that will motivate true, quality sales results from your salespeople. No-one in a sales-role has ever learnt everything about how to secure a sale. Even the most successful business leaders in the world are always learning.…

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5 Key Characteristics NZ’s Top Sales Leaders Have

Sales Leaders

According to the most successful business owners in New Zealand, these are the most important characteristics you must have to be a top Sales Leader. Leadership Managers improve – leaders inspire! As the Sales Leader, you are in a critical role charged with increasing your business turnover annually, via your sales team. Inspiring and empowering…

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Two Of The World’s Best Sales People Ever

Meet two of the worlds best sales people on record. Some companies assume their social media platforms and website are enough to lure in new business. Often forgotten are the very basics of a human experience in the Business-to-Consumer world. What’s missing? The core sales skills used by great sales people, that worked when there…

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The Power Of Online Sales Training

Sales Training Auckland City

Increase your turnover with online sales training. Quality online sales training is your fastest way to up-skill your sales team outside of work hours. Every business’s key focus is to increase turnover. You can only achieve this with excellent sales and service skills, and a thorough knowledge of sound sales-strategies and techniques. While some people…

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