From B2B or B2C to B2All now H2H ??

Baffled by the headline?!

A good chunk of business people will be aware of these abbreviations and understand what they mean.

All of these abbreviations relate to the exchange of goods between businesses, and between businesses and consumers. Within these titles, each has their own set of sales-tactics used in these transactions. (The way businesses market and sell to businesses is far different to businesses marketing and selling to individual customers.)

The latest trend is H2H – “Human-to-Human”.

Essentially what this is, is changing the ethos of a ‘cold-call’ into a “warm conversation” when dealing with customers – the same relaxed style of conversation we would have with our friends, family or colleagues.

In this digital world, selling (particularly online) is seen by some to have become unfriendly and overly formal, losing that personal touch and conversation that, of old, would allow us to actually build a relationship with our customers, rather than just perform a transaction.

Aside from the interactions themselves, there’s also been a high level of frustration for customers purchasing digitally and the overriding agreement comes down to exactly this – the lack of real, honest, empathetic human communication is missing.

It’s been 24 years since online shopping became available.

While initially it was thought that this would change the way consumers shop for good, it’s actually quite the reverse as we see consumers preferring and reverting back to shopping in-store or over the phone.

This move back to the older, more personal style of selling person-to-person is being welcomed back around the world by top business moguls.

That forgotten language that opened and closed the sale.

What has been somewhat forgotten during the phasing in of the H2H concept, is the organic language we once used in the open and close of a sale.

The very language shop owners used over 30-years ago.

The simple “how are you?” when you walk into a store and the “have a lovely day” when you leave.

It’s on a comeback and world is welcoming it!

More and more we can expect businesses to up their game on the front-line with expectations from customers increasing, and a demand for better service based on those human elements and sales tactics of yesteryear.

Don’t let business slip due to a lack of human interaction from your staff to your customers.

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