Franchise Training: Are your Franchisees meeting your expectations?

Important considerations for Franchisors

Franchise Facts:

Bear with me while I make a few obvious statements...

Systems-emulation is critical when you’re taking on franchisees.

Having a sound infrastructure with well-considered, rigorously tested systems is essential.

MOST important however, is the initial training you give your new franchisee/s and their staff.

Successful franchises invest time and resources into other training, courses, conferences, retraining, and inductions of new staff.

Successful Franchisors:

Most franchisors are either time-poor or need additional expertise to train and retrain franchisees and their teams.

Successful franchisors don't rely on simply only training their franchisees.

It’s the franchisees' staff who will be on the front line representing your brand.

It’s these faces your new potential clients or customers will be directly dealing with.

A firm understanding of your business, it’s history, systems, products and expectations are essential across the entire team.

Sales Training:

Not everyone is a born sales-person, and that might not be evident when taking on a new franchisee and sales team.

Creating a confident sales team is crucial to maximise lead conversions.

Investing in training your teams can't be seen as an expense. You will see a return on your investment if you choose a well reputed training company that's proven business success time and time again.

It’s imperative that your exact systems are being used by your franchisees and their teams, and that your franchisees are successful: to maintain the value of your brand.

Take our test!

Are your franchisees performing as well as expected?

What ongoing training do you have in place to ensure your franchisees are maximising sales and increasing turnover?

Have you given thought of how to train people from different cultural backgrounds to sell the 'Kiwi way'?

Important questions to think about when you are in a highly competitive market...

Answer these 5 questions honestly, and find out how your business BENCHMARKS against other franchise systems.

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