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Fiona Clark is an exceptionally renowned business growth-specialist in New Zealand and offshore. Her proven online sales-training packages have achieved impressive profit-increases  in businesses across New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Her methodologies are based on practical and proven sales approaches, not theories.

A well known contributor to business magazines, award-winning sales professional and engaging and dynamic Key Note Speaker, she's markedly increased sales conversion rates for hundreds of businesses, national franchise operations and corporates.

A facilitator and trainer for organisations like Massey University and Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Fiona is widely acclaimed as an expert in her field.

Known to achieve remarkable results in short time-frames, Fiona uses cutting-edge techniques that deliver results.

Her training strategies are interactive and based on the 7-strategies that successful business people won't tell you.

Let Fiona empower and motivate your team to work smarter, not harder, to achieve the profit results you want to see come to fruition.


Sales Game Changer Program™ Modules


Sales Training Conversion Strategies

Learn the basics of  tried and tested techniques that will allow yourself and your sales team to convert more sales and increase your turnover.

*Learn about the power of your mindset

*Customer behaviour and psychology

*The power of conversation


Package #2 (1)

The importance of 'Packaging' up what you do and how you do it. This is a true game changer that will transform your results all around.

*Offering LESS to sell MORE

*Creating your own KPI's

*10 Commandments of customer service



Transform #1 (2)

Fast track your results with your sales and Marketing using powerful social media platforms. Learn key strategies to bring in more clients and sales within 30-days.

*Identify how you can reach more clients

*Understanding the power of social media

*Why you cant have sales without marketing

Sales Game Changer Program™ Blogs & Articles

Social Selling For Sales People

August 10, 2018

Social selling – what is it? If your sales team aren’t allowed to use social media platforms in work time, you’re missing out on enormous sales opportunities. Are you using social media for your business? Have you allowed social- selling training for your team? A structured Social Media sales strategy and time allocation (to avoid…

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From B2B or B2C to B2All now H2H ??

July 20, 2018

  Baffled by the headline?! A good chunk of business people will be aware of these abbreviations and understand what they mean. All of these abbreviations relate to the exchange of goods between businesses, and between businesses and consumers. Within these titles, each has their own set of sales-tactics used in these transactions. (The way…

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Franchise Training: Are your Franchisees meeting your expectations?

July 17, 2018

Important considerations for Franchisors Franchise Facts: Bear with me while I make a few obvious statements… Systems-emulation is critical when you’re taking on franchisees. Having a sound infrastructure with well-considered, rigorously tested systems is essential. MOST important however, is the initial training you give your new franchisee/s and their staff. Successful franchises invest time and resources into…

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Sales Fails

July 8, 2018

Sales training for your staff isn’t just about teaching them how to make a financial transaction or use a till. At its core, it’s about how fundamentally humans think and feel when they’re considering a purchase of any kind – and how they should or shouldn’t be treated during the process. We all have our…

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Speaking ‘At’ Customers vs Speaking ‘To’ Them

June 23, 2018

Positive verbal commmunication creates respect. While most businesses have numerous ways to be contacted electronically, the majority of us prefer to speak to humans verbally. This is not predicted to change in the near future. So to, a good number of people believe they communicate better in writing, the human to human contact by voice is…

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The Power of Motivation

June 11, 2018

Most people sign up for jobs with the intention of working hard and doing a good job. What drives an individual to do well at work differs from one person to the next, but we know that everybody responds well to positive motivation. To find out what motivates a person requires time, from you to get…

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Getting Positive Results From Your Sales Team.

April 23, 2018

71 percent of people base their buying decisions on trust and believability. It’s ironic that it’s not always financial reward that will motivate true, quality sales results from your salespeople. No-one in a sales-role has ever learnt everything about how to secure a sale. Even the most successful business leaders in the world are always learning.…

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5 Key Characteristics NZ’s Top Sales Leaders Have

April 16, 2018

According to the most successful business owners in New Zealand, these are the most important characteristics you must have to be a top Sales Leader. Leadership Managers improve – leaders inspire! As the Sales Leader, you are in a critical role charged with increasing your business turnover annually, via your sales team. Inspiring and empowering…

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Two Of The World’s Best Sales People Ever

April 9, 2018

Meet two of the worlds best sales people on record. Some companies assume their social media platforms and website are enough to lure in new business. Often forgotten are the very basics of a human experience in the Business-to-Consumer world. What’s missing? The core sales skills used by great sales people, that worked when there…

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The Power Of Online Sales Training

April 2, 2018

Increase your turnover with online sales training. Quality online sales training is your fastest way to up-skill your sales team outside of work hours. Every business’s key focus is to increase turnover. You can only achieve this with excellent sales and service skills, and a thorough knowledge of sound sales-strategies and techniques. While some people…

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