The Power of Motivation

Most people sign up for jobs with the intention of working hard and doing a good job.

What drives an individual to do well at work differs from one person to the next, but we know that everybody responds well to positive motivation.

To find out what motivates a person requires time, from you to get to know that individual. What have they achieved in life? What are they good at? What inspires them?

To that individual, your act in taking time out to find out who they really are is an important emotional bridge between them and you. It will allow them to begin to speak openly to you, and to trust. It’s this trust that leads to their confidence building, and from here, an acceptance of motivational challenges.

As a sales leader you want to get the very best out of your team.

Building confidence in your team by really getting to know them as individuals could mean the difference between meeting your targets and not. Motivation in all forms leads to increased productivity and let’s face it – all businesses want this.

There are 2 types of motivation: Extrinsic, and Intrinsic.

Studies show that keeping your staff motivated doesn’t necessarily mean dangling a financial carrot in front of them however – this is referred to as “extrinsic motivation”.

Higher percentages of staff respond better to training, guidance and encouragement. This is what we refer to as “intrinsic motivation”. (Intersecus is Latin for “from within”.) This is the core feeling we get when we have achieved something positive as a result of our hard work, and we’re acknowledged for it.

There are 2 types of motivation: Extrinsic, and Intrinsic.

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It’s human nature to want to do your best – and having you on your teams’ side cheering them on is essential. Instilling confidence in them by praising them for their achievements (in person) is incredibly important not just for your turnover, but for maintaining staff retention and getting the best value for your dollar in wages.

The value seen in positively motivating your team is enormous – so don’t forget those encouraging words of support and appreciation for your team – it works wonders!

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