Getting Positive Results From Your Sales Team.

71 percent of people base their buying decisions on trust and believability.

It’s ironic that it’s not always financial reward that will motivate true, quality sales results from your salespeople.

No-one in a sales-role has ever learnt everything about how to secure a sale. Even the most successful business leaders in the world are always learning.

The key to getting results from your team is trust. They need to trust you will have their backs, and you need to trust that they will follow your guidance.

Trust is also the foundation for establishing quality relationships between your sales team and your potential customers. These relationships need to be respectfully nurtured and appreciated. Your salespeople need to understand the power of trust to prospect customers. We cannot emphasise enough how important sales training is for your salespeople!

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According to a recent survey by US-based Sales Management Association, the highest ranking most important and effective motivation tools were:

  1. Training salespeople to enhance their knowledge
  2. Coaching salespeople in skills that improve their performance
  3. Providing salespeople with mentoring from senior leaders

These motivation tactics were twice as effective over offering sales-people career advancement opportunities, or providing salespeople with goals that represent meaningful challenges. This far out-weights the notion that a simple pay-rise would keep them in their roles and have them perform better.

Having a company culture that keeps your sales-team motivated is essential.

Make sure your salespeople know they are the face of your company and they play a key role in generating revenue for your brand. This, together with offering your team quality training will create a powerful sales team that will want to give you 110%!
As a sales leader or manager, the best thing you can do for your team is to show transparency and set realistic goals for your team. A good salesperson loves a challenge, and with your trust and support we know they'll want to surpass expectations.

Learning the power of trust and how critical it is to a potential customer is going to allow your sales people to show they really do care about your customers.

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