Social Selling For Sales People


Social selling – what is it? If your sales team aren’t allowed to use social media platforms in work time, you’re missing out on enormous sales opportunities. Are you using social media for your business? Have you allowed social- selling training for your team? A structured Social Media sales strategy and time allocation (to avoid…

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Sales Fails

sales staff training hamilton field days

Sales training for your staff isn’t just about teaching them how to make a financial transaction or use a till. At its core, it’s about how fundamentally humans think and feel when they’re considering a purchase of any kind – and how they should or shouldn’t be treated during the process. We all have our…

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Speaking ‘At’ Customers vs Speaking ‘To’ Them

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Positive verbal commmunication creates respect. While most businesses have numerous ways to be contacted electronically, the majority of us prefer to speak to humans verbally. This is not predicted to change in the near future. So to, a good number of people believe they communicate better in writing, the human to human contact by voice is…

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The Power of Motivation

Sales Training Fiona Clark Auckland

Most people sign up for jobs with the intention of working hard and doing a good job. What drives an individual to do well at work differs from one person to the next, but we know that everybody responds well to positive motivation. To find out what motivates a person requires time, from you to get…

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